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LANA is an independent cryptocurrency with its own blockchain, so it belongs to crypto coins. Crypto tokens, unlike crypto coins, do not have their own blockchain and depend on the crypto coin to which they are tied. LANA has an extremely big advantage over any cryptocurrency in the world, and this is PLAN15, which can take LANA to the very top of the world in the following years with an innovative approach of 15 steps. This means that the value of LANA may rise tremendously in the near future and try to repeat Bitcoin's story. So now might be the right time to take a “second chance” and buy LANA to make up for what you missed with Bitcoin.

Something about LANA's basic features

Just as Bitcoin is divided into 100 million parts (satoshis), one LANA is divided into 100 million lanoshis.

Similar to Bitcoin, which is limited to a finite number of 21 million coins, LANA has its own finite number of 7.506 billion coins. Approximately 350,000 LANA coins are created daily (with time, the number of coins created daily decreases due to the halving, just like with Bitcoin).

You can track the LANA blockchain on the Lanacoin Blockchain Explorer.

Below there are some technical details about LANA, which are difficult to understand if you're a beginner, but with time the expressions will become more familiar to you. But those of you who are closer to the world of cryptocurrencies, you will recognize the potential and above all the lucky moment you are witnessing because you took the time to read this article.

After the 750,000th block (September 19, 2022), the LANA consensus mechanism changed from a hybrid PoW/PoS (Proof of Work/Proof of Stake) to a pure PoS (Proof of Stake), which means that the LANA network spends minimal energy. Therefore unlike Bitcoin, no one can blame LANA for the energy waste for the functioning of the network.

Stakers (PoS – Proof of Stake), unlike miners (PoW – Proof of Work), have a direct interest in HODLING the coins. The more coins they dedicate to staking, the higher reward they can expect in the form of newly created LANAs for validating transactions. Therefore, the price of LANA is more stable than with the consensus mechanism PoW – Proof of Work or in other words if LANA was mined.

Like Bitcoin, LANA is an open source, so anyone can participate in its development and freely share their knowledge, information and ideas with other members of the LANA community.

LANA is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has never had an ICO (initial coin offering). The fact that it did not have an ICO means that there is no strong investor behind it and its entire development depends on a community of people who believe in it. Some might see this as a weakness, but PLAN15 sees it as a big advantage, because the mere fact that nothing serious has happened to LANA since its inception in 2016 means that in 2023 LANA is in a position as if it were a brand new cryptocurrency with all the potential Bitcoin had at its inception.

PLAN15 – a bold but realistic plan for LANA

PLAN15 aims to repeat the story of Bitcoin for all those who missed it either due to ignorance or simply because they were too young. It guides its followers through 15 steps, which are divided into three phases, each phase containing 5 steps. In the first phase, the follower gets to know LANA, in the second phase he/she begins to develop his/her own LANA microeconomy, and in the third phase he/she begins to combine with others, who together form the LANA macroeconomy.

The launch of PLAN15 coincides with LANA block 750,000, which means that LANA's story begins on September 19, 2022, despite the fact that it was founded in 2016. At the time of writing, LANA is where Bitcoin was in October 2010. If LANA was Bitcoin, its value would be around $80 and conversely, if Bitcoin was LANA, it would be worth less than 10 cents.

LANA does not have a whitepaper (a document where the goals of the project are written), because the community believes that everything is already written in the Bitcoin whitepaper. LANA is a fork of a Bitcoin fork, to be exact a fork from blackcoin-old/blacknet-ninja. It has the same algorithm as Bitcoin (SHA256D) and that's why it was chosen for the second chance. PLAN15 calls LANA the lost daughter of the father Bitcoin, which, unlike the latter, can carry out the original idea of Bitcoin's founder Satoshi Nakamoto much easier due to its features. Basically, LANA is exactly what Bitcoin should be to be owned practically by everyone on the planet today.

Transaction fee – the biggest advantage of LANA

Due to its fast transferability, extremely low transaction fee, sufficiently large block and the final limitation of the number of coins to just the right number, LANA is useful both for paying for products, services and goods, as well as for saving.

The transaction fee of LANA coins is 0.00000100 LANA (100 Lanoshi). At the time of writing, when the price of 1 LANA is 2 satoshis, that translates to about $0.0000000005.

The transaction fee of LANA coins would thus be cheaper than the commission charged by banks for card payments, even if the price of LANA increases by more than 280 million times, to more than 150,000 dollars for 1 LANA. Translated, this means that LANA could be used to pay for a morning cup of coffee at a local coffee shop, even if LANA was the only means of payment on planet Earth.

A LANA block is 4 MB in size (4x larger than Bitcoin's) and can be expanded to 64 MB or more if needed. This data, combined with the above mentioned extremely low transaction fee, means that LANA can easily service all transactions possible on Earth.

Below see the EXCHANGES where LANA is bought and are trusted:

Register on Binance to buy the USDT (Tether) which you need to trade on the LANA/USDT markets found on Bololex, Exchange Assets (EA) or XeggeX. You transfer USDT (Tether) from Binance using the TRC20 or BEP20 networks.

If buying cryptocurrency via the exchange is too complicated for you, LANA can also be bought with FIAT currency, i.e. euros (EUR).

Data on LANA (price, market capitalization, daily volume, number of coins in circulation) can be found at:

The most up-to-date source of information about LANA development is currently the LanaCoin $LANA Telegram channel.

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“LANA is like a ruin located in the best location in Manhattan, bought by an investor who knows what needs to be done to make it the most expensive property.” PLAN15

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