LANA – LANAcoin – CryptoWallet.si wallet for phone with Android operating system – PLAN15 step 1

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To open the LANA CryptoWallet.si wallet for phones with the Android operating system installed, follow the instructions:

1. Go to Google Play and enter CryptoWallet.si in the search engine. You can see the wallet logo in the image above under the title of this text. You can also find the link to the wallet with all instructions by clicking on: CryptoWallet.si. The wallet is suitable for a mobile phone with the Android operating system. Download it. This wallet is not intended for Apple products using the iOS operating system.

2. As soon as the CryptoWallet.si wallet is uploaded, click on “CREATE A NEW WALLET”. Write down all 18 words that the system gives you. Write them down in the exact order (from left to right). Write down all 18 words on at least three different pieces of paper, which you then hide in places known only to you.

Save your 18 words only on paper and especially never save words on a device that has ever been in contact with the Internet.

When will you need to use the 18 words mentioned above?

In case of:

a) phone loss
b) phone theft
c) phone malfunction
d) phone change
e) forgotten password or password change or change of PIN code.

If you lose the 18 words, your LANA coins will very likely be lost forever.

3. Follow the procedures for confirming the 18 words that the system offers you and also optionally set the PIN code for your CryptoWallet.si wallet.

4. Your CryptoWallet.si wallet is ready to receive LANA coins.

If you don't have LANA coins yet, you can buy them e.g. on the BOLOLEX LANA/USDT or on the EXCHANGE ASSETS (EA) market.

You can buy USDT (Tether) tokens e.g. on Binance and transfer them to BOLOLEX using TRON's TRC20 network.

For even more detailed instructions on opening the wallet, visit CryptoWallet.si, where there is also a link to the wallet.

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